Thursday, July 13, 2006

Piso alto, 13 julio

Yet another new window, with two new walls--behind these will be a toilet and shower. Normally door will close off toilet, keeping view intact. That indentation below the window opening will be a vanity sink.

Our lovely "terrace" window in upstairs kitchen

Part of new kitchen/dining room looking back into our "sala"

Looking out from our middle upstairs room through three (count 'em!) new window openings to the church behind our house

Middle room, to be our cozy winter "sala." Note instant window--three hours ago, it was half that size! (OK, the stone arch was already there, but the window started three feet below it.)

Temporary home, gas range in side room. Fridge and potable water container--all the home comforts (shelves even!)

Temporary home, to be 2nd floor patio. Note our very first "real" bed (mattress still in plastic!)


Anonymous Chris C. said...

Lots of progress! Awesome, how the place is opening up to light and views!

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Ralph Crawford said...

Wow, this tickles my lifelong fascination with construction -- anybody's! And so amazing to take on a foreign country and culture, a pink palace, a labor system so different from ours. ( I remember watching them take 10 years to build the road from Tijuana to Ensenada - at one point the road looked "done" (servicable) to me but wasn't yet open and there was only one worker seen in the full 90 miles, and he was "rushing" the road to completion with a wheelbarrow and shovel!)
I appears that you have a real dynamo of a crew. Your descriptions of the final product are so luscious I can't wait for a hoped for invite to visit. Congratulations and best wishes.

7:12 AM  
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Blogger Catherine Hansen said...

Hi Barry and Louisa - I am so excited to see this space transform. I will be in Guanajuato next summer at the university and will be renting your lovely space. It is amazing to see it transform into the lovely space that is your home. I will put the yoga space to good use :) Kate Hansen

9:03 AM  

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