Monday, December 25, 2006

Operation sofa (and armchair)

Finding the sofa and armchair at Sears in Leon, an hour away by (a friend's) car was only the first step. We received a courtesy call a week later to say they would be delivering the next day. We really had no worries about how we were going to get them up to our "sky room" because Maestro loves a challenge. Sure enough, he rose to this one.

Here's Juan with the sofa at ground level.

Unseen here, Rafael is hauling on one rope, Maestro (right) on the other, while Juan helps it clear their temporary staging.

OK, now we're at roof level. Next up is to get the sofa up and over the sky room, right.

Lowering it down the far side of our sky room, where we have our wide sliding door for access. That's the dome of San Francisco in the background.

After all that, getting the armchair up (here being hauled up to the roof of the skyroom with Louisa looking on, left) was a snap.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

View from La Pipila--before painting