Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Bit of Background

So Louisa and I first went to Guanajuato in November, 1999. This was at the start of a 20-month odyssey, we rented our home and traveled in Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Israel and the West Bank, Turkey, Georgia, Ireland, Spain and Morocco. At the end of that time away, we revisited Guanajuato, and discovered the more time we were there, the more we liked it.

Then, two years ago, we had the opportunity to house-sit and dog-sit for a month. Followed by the same deal this last September. That's when we seriously started considering the idea of buying a place there, to live in at least part of the year. We saw about 12 houses, made an offer on one (which the guy then decided not to sell) and came back home (to Eureka, California), still with a Guanajuato house very much in our thoughts.

Louisa went back alone in November, both to check on a couple of houses we'd heard about from friends (we were also running a "house wanted" ad in the local paper) and to look into the possibility of doing work down there.

A few days before she was due to return home, she heard about Tecolote 39. We talked on the phone, she emailed many photos, she took David, "our" architect over to see it and I discussed it with him on the phone, and we made an offer.

And now we're en route--flying down on January 14--to get the key.


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